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The Start

Like any other kid from my block, I was trying to invent something. Anything. We were blown away by NASA and all the reports what humanity could reach. It was crazy to think the amount of things we could actually accomplish.

First we tried, my buddy Marc and me, was make a simple phone. Meaning people could say something and receive it via a short metal line. That was kids play, then we looked into a real phone receiver, which was already more challenging but it worked. Strange thing was, we could get all the information from books from our local library. Kids play in the end, but back then challenging. Although I doubt people today could even figure out how it works. I hope that level of spirit for engineering will return.

And then one day, one of professors brought me into the class on a Sunday afternoon and showed the first computer my school had. It was absolutely amazing. The power it had (for that time) and the possibilities were endless. Which, in today’s life, is true.

My interest grew more and more and decided to go in the IT after college. I was not exactly a drop out but also not a 100% determined student who could focus on thing only, I want to explore and find solutions for simple and difficult problems.

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