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The move

After having many jobs and side jobs I got quite bored and figured I needed a fresh point of view. As an American I needed to find a new angle. This was found on the entire other part of the world. I already made a couple of East Europeans during my school period as a exchange program and found them quite interesting. First thing I did after getting a job offer was arrange everything like a good expat medical insurance. This is a sport, but still sports can be dangerous, especially for nerds like me. I want to be prepared and as this is not my mother country I need to have a good insurance that covers me.

Next was to already start making a planning to learn the language, at least the basics. I made a schedule next to my training in which every day I learn 30 minutes Russian in the morning and in the evening. And with success I might say. People tend to understand what I am saying.

More about my life and training here follows.

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