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Hard choices

If you ever played Magic the Gathering you know the feeling of losing or having a bad hand. Whenever this happens you have two hard choices. Either you choose to get yourself together and don’t show you are upset or you can go all out and swear and show your frustrations. Eitherway your friends won’t like you for it.

Don’t go over to the dark side. It’s an easy side, but you will get lost. Why I’m saying this? You remember those YouTube Dash Cam videos? Well. Those are true. I had my rental car and was driving around a bit to learn to know the area. All of a sudden, a woman, who was looking at me driving by jumped straight upon my hood. BAM. I was shocked and luckily not driving really hard. A man ran up and started screaming at me, apparently they worked together. But the funny thing is, even though I was very scared, the locals around me started to fight the man. And the woman was trying to leave the scene as fast as people.

It was a weird and confusing experience. You want to get mad, but if you take the time you can get actually very happy and appreciate the local community. They saw instantly that I was a foreigner and still wanted to help out. It was great when you think about it. But now, I’m buying myself a dash cam.

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