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About me

Jason here, and already been working in the IT sector for over 25 years. I started out very young and still looking up to the great ones (then among us) with of course famous names as Gates and Jobs. But the lesser familiar ‘investors’ always grabbed my attention. They weren’t in it for the fame, nor the money even. They were in it to create something beautiful, something new.

Although the image of IT-ers has changed, for the better, it was not was always like this. We were always seen as the nerd, and the lower of the society. Even that we were responsible for important things as electronic POS. These kind of inventions made a huge shift in the entire way people do shopping, their complete behavior was changed in an instant.

And these inventions were all done by the then so-called nerds. I’m very proud of these people, always thinking a step ahead. I am now working freelance and doing the less famous IT-work, such as those POS as I gave in the sample.

I will do my best with my blog, to keep it witty and updated. Please enjoy it and share any IT knowledge you have with me. Let’s all grow together to a better future.